General Film & Video Ebooks

Design for Motion: Fundamentals and Techniques of Motion Design ebook cover
Video Field Production and Editing ebook cover
The Emotional Life of Postmodern Film: Affect Theory's Other ebook cover
Biopolitical Media: Catastrophe, Immunity and Bare Life ebook cover
New Hong Kong Cinema: Transitions to Becoming Chinese in 21st-Century East Asia ebook cover
Film Text Analysis: New Perspectives on the Analysis of Filmic Meaning ebook cover
Screenwriting Fundamentals: The Art and Craft of Visual Writing ebook cover
The Modern Superhero in Film and Television: Popular Genre and American Culture ebook cover
The Camera-Eye Metaphor in Cinema ebook cover
*CUT: How to Jump
*Start Your Career as a Film Editor ebook cover
Video for Change: A Guide For Advocacy and Activism ebook cover
The Visual Effects Arsenal: VFX Solutions for the Independent Filmmaker ebook cover
Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism ebook cover
House of Psychotic Women ebook cover
Film and the American Presidency ebook cover
Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers ebook cover
British Historical Cinema ebook cover
Hollywood Action Films and Spatial Theory ebook cover
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In the Company of Legends ebook cover
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Madeline Kahn: Being the Music, A Life ebook cover
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A Book about the Film Monty Python and the Holy Grail ebook cover
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Cinematic Quests for Identity: The Hero's Encounter with the Beast ebook cover
$53.05 $66.00
Cinema 4D Apprentice: Real-World Skills for the Aspiring Motion Graphics Artist ebook cover
The Western in the Global South ebook cover