General Government Ebooks

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The Best-Laid Plans ebook cover
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No Crime But Prejudice ebook cover
Theoretical Foundations and Discussions on the Reformation Process in Local Governments ebook cover
Comparative Studies and Regionally-Focused Cases Examining Local Governments ebook cover
Servant of the Crown ebook cover
Governing the Police: Experience in Six Democracies ebook cover
Law and Economics in India: Understanding and practice ebook cover
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The Transparency Fix: Secrets, Leaks, and Uncontrollable Government Information ebook cover
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Privacy Rights: Cases Lost and Causes Won Before the Supreme Court ebook cover
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Cloud Computing Technologies for Connected Government ebook cover
Constitutional Courts in Comparison ebook cover
Human Rights and Constituent Power ebook cover
E-Procurement Management for Successful Electronic Government Systems ebook cover
Single Sparks: China's Rural Revolutions ebook cover
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The doctrine of state and the principles of state law ebook cover
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The Legal History of Wales ebook cover
$25.10 $30.82
Digital Governance and E-Government Principles Applied to Public Procurement ebook cover
Democracy's Birth in Ancient Rome-Children's Ancient History Books ebook cover
Constitution for Kids | Bill Of Rights Edition | 2nd Grade U.S. History Vol 3 ebook cover
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Raised Right: Fatherhood in Modern American Conservatism ebook cover
$19.05 $24.95
Driving Efficiency in Local Government Using a Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Framework ebook cover
What is a Democracy? US Government Textbook | Children's Government Books ebook cover
Who Creates Laws? US Government and Politics | Children's Government Books ebook cover
The Jury Duty - US Government and Politics | Children's Government Books ebook cover