General Great Britain Ebooks

In Nelson's Wake: The Navy and the Napoleonic Wars ebook cover
Engines of Truth: Producing Veracity in the Victorian Courtroom ebook cover
Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire ebook cover
$28.60 $34.95
Yorkshire Women at War: Story of the Women's Land Army Hostels ebook cover
$17.25 $22.50
Regency Spies: Secret Histories of Britain's Rebels & Revolutionaries ebook cover
$13.90 $17.98
Britain Goes to War: How the First World War Began to Reshape the Nation ebook cover
$17.25 $22.50
Ireland's First Settlers: Time and the Mesolithic ebook cover
$28.70 $38.00
Grimsby in the Great War ebook cover
William Marshal ebook cover
British Imperialism: 1688-2015 ebook cover
Social Thought in England, 1480-1730: From Body Social to Worldly Wealth ebook cover
Queen Victoria ebook cover
The Home Front: Derbyshire in the First World War ebook cover
Voices From Jutland: A Centenary Commemoration ebook cover
Dartford in the Great War ebook cover
Plots and Paranoia: A History of Political Espionage in Britain 1790-1988 ebook cover
'Rogues and Vagabonds': Vagrant Underworld in Britain 1815-1985 ebook cover
Tales From the Long Twelfth Century: The Rise and Fall of the Angevin Empire ebook cover
Heroic Failure and the British ebook cover
Brighton in the Great War ebook cover
The Younger Pitt ebook cover
The Culture of Food in England, 1200-1500 ebook cover
Historical Dictionary of the British and Irish Civil Wars 1637-1660 ebook cover
$70.15 $95.00
Aspects of a Changing Social Structure ebook cover