General Historical Ebooks

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Odyssey of a Bombardier: The POW Log of Richard M. Mason ebook cover
$35.95 $44.99
The Court-Martial of Paul Revere ebook cover
$16.85 $17.99
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From Ship's Cook to Baronet: Sir William Reardon Smith's Life in Shipping, 1856-1935 ebook cover
$20.20 $25.00
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Restavec: From Haitian Slave Child to Middle-Class American ebook cover
$16.95 $19.95
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The Lodge Women, Their Men and Their Times ebook cover
$7.75 $9.99
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Southern Greats: Lessons of Love and Life Learned on the Bluff ebook cover
$10.30 $12.99
Elsie Chamberlain: The Independent Life of a Woman Minister ebook cover
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Canadian Folk: Portraits of Remarkable Lives ebook cover
$7.25 $8.99
To Read My Heart: The Journal of Rachel Van Dyke, 1810-1811 ebook cover
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W. E. B. Du Bois: An American Intellectual and Activist ebook cover
$26.15 $34.99
The Friendship of Florence Nightingale and Mary Clare Moore ebook cover
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My God and My All: The Life of Saint Francis of Assisi ebook cover
$7.00 $9.99
Warrior at Heart: Governor John Milton, King Cotton, and Rebel Florida 1860-1865 ebook cover
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Journeys to the Far North ebook cover
$13.15 $16.99
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The Autobiography of Leverett Saltonstall ebook cover
$22.50 $29.99
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Mission, Science, and Race in South Africa: A. W. Roberts of Lovedale, 1883-1938 ebook cover
$58.60 $79.99
Gilbert Imlay: Citizen of the World ebook cover
Desert Deacon: Pioneer Anglican Priest Journey ebook cover
$2.78 $2.99
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Authority Not Majority ebook cover
$11.30 $15.99
The Memoirs of Walter Bagehot ebook cover
Karl Marx: His Life and Work ebook cover
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Robert Recorde: The Life and Times of a Tudor Mathematician ebook cover
$74.85 $95.00
The Education of Henry Adams ebook cover
Queen Victoria ebook cover