General History & Criticism Ebooks

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There's Music In These Walls: A History of the Royal Conservatory of Music ebook cover
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Transformations of Musical Modernism ebook cover
The Responsorial Psalm Tones for the Mozarabic Office ebook cover
Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay ebook cover
Studies in Music History: Essays for Oliver Strunk ebook cover
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Radiohead and the Global Movement for Change: "Pragmatism Not Idealism" ebook cover
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A Musician and Teacher in Nineteenth Century New England: Irving Emerson, 1843-1903 ebook cover
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Finding Fogerty ebook cover
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Women, Music, Culture: An Introduction ebook cover
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Women's Bands in America: Performing Music and Gender ebook cover
$72.85 $99.99
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The Neapolitan Canzone in the Early Nineteenth Century as Cultivated in the Passatempi musicali of Guillaume Cottrau ebook cover
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Music as Thought: Listening to the Symphony in the Age of Beethoven ebook cover
Rock 'n' Roll Gold Rush (EBOOK) ebook cover
Popular Music Censorship in Africa ebook cover
Valuing Musical Participation ebook cover
Nadia and Lili Boulanger ebook cover
The Companion to The Mechanical Muse: The Piano, Pianism and Piano Music, c.1760-1850 ebook cover
Music Entries at Stationers' Hall, 1710-1818 ebook cover
B-Sides, Undercurrents and Overtones ebook cover
Sgt. Pepper and the Beatles: It Was Forty Years Ago Today ebook cover
Keys to the Drama: Nine Perspectives on Sonata Forms ebook cover
Between Baudelaire and Mallarm: Voice, Conversation and Music ebook cover
Black Sabbath and the Rise of Heavy Metal Music ebook cover
Brahms and the Scherzo: Studies in Musical Narrative ebook cover