General History & Criticism Ebooks

Eurojazzland: Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts ebook cover
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Steel Drums and Steelbands: A History ebook cover
$29.65 $36.99
The Melody Man: Joe Davis and the New York Music Scene, 1916-1978 ebook cover
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The Cambridge Companion to Schumann ebook cover
Take Control of Recording with GarageBand '08 ebook cover
$8.95 $10.00
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The Theoretical-Practical Elements of Music, Parts III and IV ebook cover
$23.25 $30.00
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About Bach ebook cover
$26.45 $34.20
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Maurice Durufl, 1902-1986: The Last Impressionist ebook cover
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Studying the Dead: The Grateful Dead Scholars Caucus, An Informal History ebook cover
$67.15 $84.99
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Philosophizing Rock Performance: Dylan, Hendrix, Bowie ebook cover
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Musical Ritual in Mexico City: From the Aztec to NAFTA ebook cover
The Secular Commedia: Comic Mimesis in Late Eighteenth-Century Music ebook cover
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Pioneers of the Blues Revival ebook cover
$23.25 $30.00
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Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs ebook cover
$32.80 $40.99
Political and Religious Ideas in the Works of Arnold Schoenberg ebook cover
Songs by Charles Gounod (1818-1893), Songs by Lo Delibes (1836-1891), Six Posies d'Armand Silvestre by Alexis de Castillon (1838-1873) ebook cover
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Breaking Time's Arrow: Experiment and Expression in the Music of Charles Ives ebook cover
$34.05 $44.99
Tenor: History of a Voice ebook cover
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Warren Zevon: Desperado of Los Angeles ebook cover
$33.40 $44.99
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The Aesthetic of Johann Sebastian Bach ebook cover
$77.15 $97.99
Photodetection and Measurement ebook cover
$91.05 $98.00
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A History of Opera: Milestones and Metamorphoses ebook cover
$47.15 $69.95
The Musical Traditions of Northern Ireland and its Diaspora: Community and Conflict ebook cover
The Chitlin' Circuit: And the Road to Rock 'n' Roll: And the Road to Rock 'n' Roll ebook cover