General History & Criticism Ebooks

The Berimbau ebook cover
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The Ellington Century ebook cover
$30.20 $36.95
The Poetics of American Song Lyrics ebook cover
$64.75 $70.00
Knowing Jazz ebook cover
$51.10 $55.00
MuzikMafia: From the Local Nashville Scene to the National Mainstream ebook cover
Desire and Pleasure in Seventeenth-Century Music ebook cover
$73.15 $85.00
Aerosmith - Uncensored on the Record ebook cover
Abba - Uncensored on the Record ebook cover
Moral Fire: Musical Portraits from America's Fin de Sicle ebook cover
$40.85 $46.95
Born in the U. S. A. ebook cover
$23.55 $25.00
Racial Uplift and American Music, 1878-1943 ebook cover
$55.65 $60.00
The Globalization of Music in History ebook cover
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A Performer's Guide to Seventeenth-Century Music, Second Edition ebook cover
$7.55 $9.99
Exploring American Folk Music ebook cover
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The Beat: Go-Go Music from Washington, D.C. ebook cover
Eurojazzland: Jazz and European Sources, Dynamics, and Contexts ebook cover
$26.50 $29.99
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Steel Drums and Steelbands: A History ebook cover
$30.85 $38.00
Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller ebook cover
The Melody Man: Joe Davis and the New York Music Scene, 1916-1978 ebook cover
$51.10 $55.00
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Revolver: How the Beatles Re-Imagined Rock 'n' Roll ebook cover
$16.45 $19.99
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Music and the Politics of Negation ebook cover
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Creole Trombone: Kid Ory and the Early Years of Jazz ebook cover
$32.75 $35.00
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Beethoven and the Grosse Fuge: Music, Meaning, and Beethoven's Most Difficult Work ebook cover
$45.95 $57.00
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Music and Displacement: Diasporas, Mobilities, and Dislocations in Europe and Beyond ebook cover
$50.25 $62.50