General History Ebooks

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Resilient Reformer: The Life and Thought of Martin Luther ebook cover
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True Faith in the True God: An Introduction to Luther's Life and Thought ebook cover
$35.60 $43.99
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Introduction to the History of Christianity in the United States ebook cover
$36.75 $48.99
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Understanding World Christianity: India ebook cover
$14.65 $18.99
A Reformation Debate: John Calvin & Jacopo Sadoleto ebook cover
Medieval Textual Cultures: Agents of Transmission, Translation and Transformation ebook cover
Paul: The Pagan's Apostle ebook cover
On This Rock ebook cover
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Luther and the Jews: Putting Right the Lies ebook cover
$17.25 $21.00
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The Annnotated Luther: Christian Life in the World ebook cover
$29.40 $38.99
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Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions ebook cover
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The World's Oldest Church: Bible, Art, and Ritual at Dura-Europos, Syria ebook cover
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Constantine and the Captive Christians of Persia ebook cover
$75.95 $95.00
God and the Goddesses: Vision, Poetry, and Belief in the Middle Ages ebook cover
Gendered Voices: Medieval Saints and Their Interpreters ebook cover
Conversion to Catholicism in Early Modern Italy ebook cover
Soul Mentoring: Discover the Ancient Art of Caring for Others ebook cover
Paul and Mark: Comparative Essays Part I. Two Authors at the Beginnings of Christianity ebook cover
Who's Who in the New Testament ebook cover
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The A to Z of the Puritans ebook cover
$32.05 $39.50
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The A to Z of the Shakers ebook cover
$32.05 $39.50
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The A to Z of the Coptic Church ebook cover
$32.05 $39.50
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Beyond Belief: Surviving the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in France ebook cover
$60.10 $75.00
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The God Secret ebook cover
$8.40 $9.99