General History Ebooks

Bronze Horseman: Falconet's Monument to Peter the Great ebook cover
Limited Livelihoods: Gender and Class in Nineteenth Century England ebook cover
Fifty Key Thinkers on History ebook cover
Princes, Pastors and People: The Church and Religion in England, 1500-1689 ebook cover
Rereading German History: From Unification to Reunification 1800-1996 ebook cover
The Children of Africa Confront AIDS: From Vulnerability to Possibility ebook cover
The Vietnamese American 1.5 Generation ebook cover
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Martin Luther ebook cover
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From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day: The American Armed Forces in World War II ebook cover
$14.65 $17.99
Making History Count ebook cover
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Toronto Sketches: The Way We Were ebook cover
$6.45 $7.99
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Teaching Social Studies Today Grades K-12 ebook cover
$20.40 $24.99
With Words and Knives: Learning Medical Dispassion in Early Modern England ebook cover
The Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore ebook cover
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Fool's Errands: America's Recent Encounters with Nation Building ebook cover
$7.30 $9.50
Africa's Freedom Railway ebook cover
No One Cries for the Dead: Tamil Dirges, Rowdy Songs, and Graveyard Petitions ebook cover
$30.20 $34.95
Hellas - A Short History of Ancient Greece ebook cover
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From Queenston to Kingston: The Hidden Heritage of Lake Ontario's Shoreline ebook cover
$9.90 $12.99
The Environment in World History ebook cover
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Wooden Ship-Building ebook cover
$18.15 $23.99
Poland, 1918-1945: An Interpretive and Documentary History of the Second Republic ebook cover
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The Poverty of Welfare: Helping Others in the Civil Society ebook cover
$8.65 $11.00
The International Economy Since 1945 ebook cover