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Philosophy and Philosophers: An Introduction to Western Philosophy ebook cover
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Kant, Fichte, and the Legacy of Transcendental Idealism ebook cover
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The Ink of the Scholars: Reflections on Philosophy in Africa ebook cover
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Pragmatism and the European Traditions
Encounters with Analytic Philosophy and Phenomenology before the Great Divide
The Rhythm of Life ebook cover
Modern Political Philosophy ebook cover
How to Observe - Morals and Manners ebook cover
Of The Conduct Of The Understanding ebook cover
Eric Voegelin: Philosopher of History ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of Descartes and Cartesian Philosophy ebook cover
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The Great Perhaps: God as a Question ebook cover
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From Hegel to Windelband: Historiography of Philosophy in the 19th Century ebook cover
Culture and the Death of God ebook cover
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Rastafari Reasoning and the RastaWoman ebook cover
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Intellectual Citizenship and the Problem of Incarnation ebook cover
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Naturalness: Is the "Natural" Preferable to the "Artificial"? ebook cover
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Essays on Symmetry ebook cover
Problems of Compositionality ebook cover
The Relevance of Phenomenology to the Philosophy of Language and Mind ebook cover
Between Deflationism and Correspondence Theory ebook cover
Philosophy: The Classics ebook cover
Contemporary Dualism: A Defense ebook cover
The Third City (Routledge Revivals): Philosophy at War with Positivism ebook cover
Realism, Science, and Pragmatism ebook cover