General History & Theory Ebooks

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The Athenian Constitution ebook cover
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On Generation and Corruption ebook cover
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On the Gait of Animals ebook cover
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On the Heavens ebook cover
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Introducing Slavoj Zizek: A Graphic Guide ebook cover
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The Subject of Freedom: Kant, Levinas ebook cover
Anarcho-Syndicalism ebook cover
Max Weber: A Critical Introduction ebook cover
Dispatches From Palestine: The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process ebook cover
Nationalism, Devolution and the Challenge to the United Kingdom State ebook cover
Beyond September 11: An Anthology of Dissent ebook cover
Reagan and the World: Leadership and National Security, 1981--1989 ebook cover
Politics and the Public Interest in the Seventeenth Century (RLE Political Science Volume 27) ebook cover
What Are We To Do With Our Lives? ebook cover
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Rebirth: Political, Economic and Social Development in First Nations ebook cover
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How Shakespeare Put Politics on the Stage: Power and Succession in the History Plays ebook cover
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Aldous Huxley: The Political Thought of a Man of Letters ebook cover
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Foreign Policy at the Periphery ebook cover
Civil Society, Second Edition: The Critical History of an Idea ebook cover
Nixon's Back Channel to Moscow: Confidential Diplomacy and Dtente ebook cover
$39.35 $45.00
The Soul of Man Under Socialism ebook cover
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Secret Societies: The Complete Guide to Histories, Rites, and Rituals ebook cover
$15.65 $18.99
What's the Point of International Relations? ebook cover
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Uncertain Futures: An Assessment Of The Conditions Of The Present ebook cover
$10.85 $12.99