General History & Theory Ebooks

DemocracyThe God That Failed ebook cover
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The Crisis of Democratic Theory: Scientific Naturalism and the Problem of Value ebook cover
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The Political Life of Bella Abzug, 1976-1998 ebook cover
$34.00 $41.99
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The Heart of Rome: Ancient Rome's Political Culture ebook cover
$66.40 $83.00
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Equitable Sharing: Distributing the Benefits and Detriments of Democratic Society ebook cover
$35.60 $43.99
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The Great Catalyst: European Union Project and Lessons from Greece and Turkey ebook cover
$78.90 $99.00
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Freedom and Dialogue in a Polarized World ebook cover
$30.85 $37.99
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Faith-Based Policy: A Litmus Test for Understanding Contemporary America ebook cover
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Thomas Aquinas on Persuasion: Action, Ends, and Natural Rhetoric ebook cover
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The Politics of the Internet ebook cover
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Counterrevolution and Repression in the Politics of Education: At the Midnight of Dissent ebook cover
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Political Recruitment across Two Centuries: Mexico, 1884-1991 ebook cover
Democracy and Famine ebook cover
American Exceptionalism in the Age of Obama ebook cover
Habermas and Rawls: Disputing the Political ebook cover
The Philosophy of Utopia ebook cover
Church, State and Society in Kenya: From Mediation to Opposition ebook cover
Nationalism and Internationalism in the Post-Cold War Era ebook cover
The Charismatic Principle in Social Life ebook cover
The Liberal Tradition in American Politics: Reassessing the Legacy of American Liberalism ebook cover
Political Myth ebook cover
The Politics of Rationality: Reason through Occidental History ebook cover
The New Deal ebook cover
The Necessity of Choice: Nineteenth Century Political Thought ebook cover