General History & Theory Ebooks

Distributive Justice Debates in Political and Social Thought ebook cover
Heidegger and Politics ebook cover
The Legacies of Totalitarianism ebook cover
Machiavelli's Legacy: "The Prince" After Five Hundred Years ebook cover
The Socratic Turn: Knowledge of Good and Evil in an Age of Science ebook cover
Democratic Latin America ebook cover
The Confucian Cycle: China's Sage and America's Decline ebook cover
A History of the Self-Determination of Peoples ebook cover
Deliberative Democracy between Theory and Practice ebook cover
Zeb Vance: North Carolina's Civil War Governor and Gilded Age Political Leader ebook cover
Rebels and Renegades: A Chronology of Social and Political Dissent in the United States ebook cover
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Language and State: A Theory of the Progress of Civilization ebook cover
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Presidential Leadership in the Americas since Independence ebook cover
$62.95 $85.00
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The Politics of Perfection: Technology and Creation in Literature and Film ebook cover
$56.45 $76.00
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Two Cities: The Political Thought of American Transcendentalism ebook cover
$28.40 $39.95
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Sinclair Lewis and American Democracy ebook cover
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Liberty, Individuality, and Democracy in Jorge Luis Borges ebook cover
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Fighting With Allies: America and Britain in Peace and War ebook cover
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The Dangerous First Year: National Security at the Start of a New Presidency ebook cover
$4.80 $5.95
The Idea of Nation and its Future in India ebook cover
Standing by the Ruins: Elegiac Humanism in Wartime and Postwar Lebanon ebook cover
Giorgio Agamben: Beyond the Threshold of Deconstruction ebook cover
The Reject: Community, Politics, and Religion after the Subject ebook cover
Nietzsche and the Becoming of Life ebook cover