General History & Theory Ebooks

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Shakespeare and the Body Politic ebook cover
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Approaches to Political Thought ebook cover
$38.00 $47.00
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Nazi Ideology ebook cover
$24.45 $29.99
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RCRA Hazardous Wastes Handbook ebook cover
$131.20 $167.00
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Patrick Henry-Onslow Debate: Liberty and Republicanism in American Political Thought ebook cover
$58.55 $72.99
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Politics on a Human Scale: The American Tradition of Decentralism ebook cover
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Endangered Private Practice: Surviving Health Care Reform ebook cover
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The Foreign Policy of John Rawls and Amartya Sen ebook cover
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Reforming Regulatory Impact Analysis ebook cover
Bourdieu in International Relations: Rethinking Key Concepts in IR ebook cover
Complexity and Public Policy: A New Approach to 21st Century Politics, Policy And Society ebook cover
The Routledge Guide to European Political Archives: Sources since 1945 ebook cover
Modern Political Thinkers and Ideas: An Historical Introduction ebook cover
Internal Displacement: Conceptualization and its Consequences ebook cover
Gender and Social Capital ebook cover
Complexity Theory and the Social Sciences: The state of the art ebook cover
Neoliberalism and Conflict In Asia After 9/11 ebook cover
Old Europe, New Europe and the Transatlantic Security Agenda ebook cover
Israeli Democracy at the Crossroads ebook cover
Dealing with the Legacy of Authoritarianism ebook cover