General Industries Ebooks

Roughnecks, Drillers, and Tool Pushers: Thirty-three Years in the Oil Fields ebook cover
$25.55 $30.00
The Conditions of Agricultural Growth ebook cover
Plunkett's Outsourcing & Offshoring Industry Almanac 2015 ebook cover
Improving the Safety of Fresh Meat ebook cover
$314.80 $340.00
Plunkett's Sports Industry Almanac 2015 ebook cover
Plunkett's Wireless, Wi-Fi, Rfid & Cellular Industry Almanac 2015 ebook cover
From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation ebook cover
The Origins of Economic Inequality Between Nations ebook cover
Theories of the Bargaining Process ebook cover
Tourism, Poverty and Development ebook cover
The Dynamics of a Changing Technology: A case study in textile manufacturing ebook cover
Ownership Leadership and Transformation: Can We Do Better for Capacity Development ebook cover
UN Millennium Development Library: Halving Hunger: It Can Be Done ebook cover
Accumulation: The Material Politics of Plastic ebook cover
Marketing and the Common Good: Essays from Notre Dame on Societal Impact ebook cover
The Book Publishing Industry ebook cover
Las Maquiladoras ebook cover
Farmer Innovation in Africa: A Source of Inspiration for Agricultural Development ebook cover
The Source of Capital Goods Innovation: The Role of User Firms in Japan and Korea ebook cover
The Governance Gap: Extractive Industries, Human Rights, and the Home State Advantage ebook cover
The Economics of Pastoralism: A Case Study of Sub-Saharan Africa ebook cover
Funding Community Initiatives ebook cover
Sponsorship in Marketing: Effective Communication through Sports, Arts and Events ebook cover
The Economics of Competition: The Race to Monopoly ebook cover