General Industries Ebooks

Plunkett's Companion to the Almanac of American Employers 2014 ebook cover
Plunkett's Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics Industry Almanac 2014 ebook cover
The World Trade Organization and International Denim Trading ebook cover
$1,701.25 $1,840.00
The China and Hong Kong Denim Industry ebook cover
$1,257.60 $1,360.00
Marketing Tourism Places (RLE Tourism) ebook cover
Multinationals, Technology & Competitiveness (RLE International Business) ebook cover
New Theories of the Multinational Enterprise (RLE International Business) ebook cover
Marketing in the Tourism Industry (RLE Tourism): The Promotion of Destination Regions ebook cover
Servitization, IT-ization and Innovation Models: Two-Stage Industrial Cluster Theory ebook cover
The Geography of Multinationals (RLE International Business) ebook cover
The Corporate Firm in a Changing World Economy (RLE International Business) ebook cover
Tourism in the Antarctic: Opportunities, Constraints, and Future Prospects ebook cover
The Transformation of England (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Strategic Networks: The Art of Japanese Interfirm Cooperation ebook cover
Theories of the Bargaining Process ebook cover
Simulations: a Handbook for Teachers and Trainers ebook cover
Reclaiming Food Security ebook cover
The Rice Economy of Asia ebook cover
Economic Analysis and Multinational Enterprise ebook cover
Productivity in Natural Resource Industries: Improvement through Innovation ebook cover
Sustainable Development for a Democratic South Africa ebook cover
The Food Question: Profits Versus People ebook cover
Chinese Firms, Global Firms: Industrial Policy in the Age of Globalization ebook cover
Food City ebook cover