General Industries Ebooks

UN Millennium Development Library: Halving Hunger: It Can Be Done ebook cover
Accumulation: The Material Politics of Plastic ebook cover
Marketing and the Common Good: Essays from Notre Dame on Societal Impact ebook cover
The Book Publishing Industry ebook cover
Las Maquiladoras ebook cover
Farmer Innovation in Africa: A Source of Inspiration for Agricultural Development ebook cover
The Source of Capital Goods Innovation: The Role of User Firms in Japan and Korea ebook cover
The Governance Gap: Extractive Industries, Human Rights, and the Home State Advantage ebook cover
The Economics of Pastoralism: A Case Study of Sub-Saharan Africa ebook cover
Funding Community Initiatives ebook cover
Sponsorship in Marketing: Effective Communication through Sports, Arts and Events ebook cover
The Economics of Competition: The Race to Monopoly ebook cover
Competition in Socialist Society ebook cover
Errant Journeys: Adventure Travel in a Modern Age ebook cover
The Mexican Petroleum Industry in the Twentieth Century ebook cover
Exports and Local Development: Mexico's New Maquiladoras ebook cover
Steel and Economic Growth in Mexico ebook cover
The Distributive System ebook cover
China's Changed Road to Development ebook cover
Public Enterprise Economics: Theory and Application ebook cover
Applied Consumption Analysis: Volume 5 in Advanced Textbooks in Economics ebook cover
Microeconomics: Institutions, Equilibrium and Optimality ebook cover
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Benchmarking Structural Transformation Across the World ebook cover
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St. Kitts and Nevis ebook cover
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