General Industries Ebooks

Foreign Investment in the Petroleum and Mineral Industries ebook cover
Steel Production: Processes, Products, and Residuals ebook cover
The Invisible Resource: Use and Regulation of the Radio Spectrum ebook cover
Mineral Wealth and Economic Development ebook cover
Measuring the Benefits of Clean Air and Water ebook cover
When is Regional "Beautiful"? ebook cover
Innovation in Japan: Emerging Patterns, Enduring Myths ebook cover
Multinationals, Technology and Localization in Automotive Firms in Asia ebook cover
Paying for the Piper: Capital and Labour in Britain's Offshore Oil Industry ebook cover
The Agrarian Question in Socialist Transitions ebook cover
Housing Policy and Finance ebook cover
Organisational Capability and Competitive Advantage ebook cover
Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals: Tourism, Local Communities and Development ebook cover
Making a Market Economy ebook cover
Services in Canada ebook cover
Creative Industries and Urban Development: Creative Cities in the 21st Century ebook cover
China's Emergence as a Defense Technological Power ebook cover
International Trade Unionism (Routledge Revivals) ebook cover
Introducing Human Geographies, Third Edition ebook cover
Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Economy in the US, China, and India ebook cover
The Almanac of American Employers 2015 ebook cover
Plunkett's Automobile Industry Almanac 2015 ebook cover
Agrarian Development in Peasant Economies ebook cover
Food and Agriculture in Global Perspective ebook cover