General Industries Ebooks

The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy ebook cover
Hospital and Healthcare Security ebook cover
Emergency and Security Lighting ebook cover
The Global Coffee Economy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 1500-1989 ebook cover
Essentials of Corporate Governance ebook cover
The Price is Wrong ebook cover
Biotech Funding Trends: Insights from Entrepreneurs and Investors ebook cover
Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the China Production Game ebook cover
Continuous Processing in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing ebook cover
Contracts and Deals in Islamic Finance ebook cover
Organization and Performance of Cotton Sectors in Africa: Learning from Reform Experience ebook cover
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Productivity Growth Inflat Unemploy ebook cover
The Data Industry: The Business and Economics of Information and Big Data ebook cover
Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Other Restructurings ebook cover
The Road To Luxury: The Evolution, Markets and Strategies of Luxury Brand Management ebook cover
Music Business For Dummies ebook cover
Where Am I Eating? ebook cover
The Silk Road Rediscovered ebook cover
Nathaniel's Nutmeg ebook cover
Infectious Greed: How Deceit and Risk Corrupted the Financial Markets ebook cover
Deep Value ebook cover
The Hills of Chianti: The Story of a Tuscan Winemaking Family, in Seven Bottles ebook cover
NanoInnovation: What Every Manager Needs to Know ebook cover
Fragrant: The Secret Life of Scent ebook cover