General Industries Ebooks

Restructuring 'Korea Inc.' ebook cover
Encyclopedia of Leisure and Outdoor Recreation ebook cover
Competitiveness of New Industries ebook cover
Project Management in Construction ebook cover
Regoverning Markets: A Place for Small-Scale Producers in Modern Agrifood Chains? ebook cover
Governance, Growth and Global Leadership ebook cover
Pop Idols and Pirates ebook cover
Services and Economic Development in the Asia-Pacific ebook cover
Sustainable Rural Systems: Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Communities ebook cover
Promoting Enterprise-Led Innovation in China ebook cover
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Bright Satanic Mills: Universities, Regional Development and the Knowledge Economy ebook cover
Food Fears: From Industrial to Sustainable Food Systems ebook cover
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High Performance Healthcare ebook cover
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Brand New Ireland?: Tourism, Development and National Identity in the Irish Republic ebook cover
Ancient Greek Agriculture: An Introduction ebook cover
Media Firms: Structures, Operations, and Performance ebook cover
Media Product Portfolios: Issues in Management of Multiple Products and Services ebook cover
Economics of Agricultural Development: 2nd Edition ebook cover
Naming Food After Places: Food Relocalisation and Knowledge Dynamics in Rural Development ebook cover
Organization in Open Source Communities ebook cover
Plunkett's Engineering & Research Industry Almanac 2011 ebook cover
Law, Corporate Governance and Partnerships at Work ebook cover
Tourism in China ebook cover
The Future of International Business ebook cover