General International Ebooks

The Political Economy of EEC Relations with African, Caribbean and Pacific States ebook cover
Trade, Policy, and International Adjustments ebook cover
Labor, Class, and the International System ebook cover
The Impact of International Economic Disturbances on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe ebook cover
The Balance of Payments Adjustment Process in Developing Countries ebook cover
IMF Research Bulletin, September 2008 ebook cover
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Republic of Serbia ebook cover
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The WTO and Infant Industry Promotion in Developing Countries ebook cover
Foundations of Global Business: A Systems Approach ebook cover
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The Great Financial Plumbing: From Northern Rock to Banking Union ebook cover
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Business Development Opportunities and Market Entry Challenges in Latin America ebook cover
The Allure of Capitalism: An Ethnography of Management and the Global Economy in Crisis ebook cover
Digital Entrepreneurship and Global Innovation ebook cover
No Way to Run an Economy: Why the System Failed and How to Put It Right ebook cover
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We Do Know How: A Buyer-Led Approach to Creating Jobs for the Poor ebook cover
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Transnational Business Cultures: Life and Work in a Multinational Corporation ebook cover
Regoverning Markets: A Place for Small-Scale Producers in Modern Agrifood Chains? ebook cover
The Revival of Private Enterprise in China ebook cover
The Crisis of Social Democratic Trade Unionism in Western Europe ebook cover
Presidential Policies and the Road to the Second Iraq War: From Forty One to Forty Three ebook cover
The Chinese Economy after WTO Accession ebook cover
Foreign Direct Investment and the Regional Economy ebook cover
Entrepreneurship in China ebook cover
Diversity Management and Discrimination: Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities in the EU ebook cover