General International Ebooks

Tourism and Hotel Development in China: From Political to Economic Success ebook cover
Southeast Asian Paper Tigers ebook cover
Euromarketing and the Future ebook cover
Economic Statecraft during the Cold War: European Responses to the US Trade Embargo ebook cover
Culture and International Business ebook cover
Market Entry and Operational Decision Making in East-West Business Relationships ebook cover
The Core Business Web: A Guide to Key Information Resources ebook cover
The Global Enterprise: Entrepreneurship and Value Creation ebook cover
Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America ebook cover
Multinationals, Governments and International Technology Transfer (RLE International Business) ebook cover
Globalization and Time ebook cover
Strategies for International Industrial Marketing (RLE International Business) ebook cover
Competences for School Managers ebook cover
The Large International Firm (RLE International Business) ebook cover
The Routledge Companion to International Management Education ebook cover
Family Multinationals: Entrepreneurship, Governance, and Pathways to Internationalization ebook cover
Bilateral Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific: Origins, Evolution, and Implications ebook cover
Flashbulb Memories ebook cover
The Dynamics of Big Business: Structure, Strategy, and Impact in Italy and Spain ebook cover
The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments (Collected Works of Harry Johnson) ebook cover
French Management: Elitism in Action ebook cover
The House in Southeast Asia: A Changing Social, Economic and Political Domain ebook cover
The Comedy of Errors: Critical Essays ebook cover
Global Themes and Local Variations in Organization and Management ebook cover