General International Ebooks

Franchising: An International Perspective ebook cover
Managerial Cultures: A Comparative Historical Analysis ebook cover
Multinational Strategic Management ebook cover
The Changing Face of Management in China ebook cover
Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Community in Asia ebook cover
Economic Analysis and Multinational Enterprise ebook cover
Marketing Challenges in Transition Economies of Europe, Baltic States and the CIS ebook cover
Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights in Asia ebook cover
Science, Technology and Global Governance ebook cover
Employee Assistance Programs in South Africa ebook cover
Product-Country Images: Impact and Role in International Marketing ebook cover
African Development Finance and Business Finance Policy ebook cover
The Trans-Oceanic Marketing Channel ebook cover
Globalization of Small Economies as a Strategic Behavior in International Business ebook cover
Lifestyle Market Segmentation ebook cover
Islam and Business: Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Perspectives ebook cover
Latin American Business: Equity Distortion in Regional Resource Allocation in Brazil ebook cover
Internationalization of Companies from Developing Countries ebook cover
International Retailing Plans and Strategies in Asia ebook cover
Globalization and East Asia: Opportunities and Challenges ebook cover
Business-to-Business: A Global Network Perspective ebook cover
Consumer Behavior in Asia: Issues and Marketing Practice ebook cover
French Made Simple ebook cover
The Economics of Offsets: Defence Procurement and Coutertrade ebook cover