General International Relations Ebooks

The Continental Commitment: Britain, Hanover and Interventionism 1714-1793 ebook cover
The Realist Tradition and the Limits of International Relations ebook cover
International to World Society ebook cover
Standing Your Ground: Territorial Disputes and International Conflict ebook cover
Pareto and Political Theory ebook cover
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Peace versus Justice: Negotiating Forward- and Backward-Looking Outcomes ebook cover
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Borders and Border Politics in a Globalizing World ebook cover
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The Other Missiles of October: Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the Jupiters, 1957-1963 ebook cover
Decolonization ebook cover
Un Peacekeeping in Civil Wars ebook cover
Global Civil Society: Contested Futures ebook cover
Conflict Management and Resolution: An Introduction ebook cover
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International Relations in Southeast Asia: The Struggle for Autonomy ebook cover
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Historical Dictionary of United States-China Relations ebook cover
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Revitalizing Political Psychology: The Legacy of Harold D. Lasswell ebook cover
Japan and UN Peacekeeping: New Pressures and New Responses ebook cover
Realism and International Relations ebook cover
Implementing International Humanitarian Law ebook cover
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Dance for Export: Cultural Diplomacy and the Cold War ebook cover
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The Declining World Order: America's Imperial Geopolitics ebook cover
The Kashmir Question: Retrospect and Prospect ebook cover
The Nuclear Taboo ebook cover
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Nixon, Kissinger, and Allende: U.S. Involvement in the 1973 Coup in Chile ebook cover
$28.65 $37.99
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To Save Her Life: Disappearance, Deliverance, and the United States in Guatemala ebook cover
$28.60 $34.95