General International Relations Ebooks

The Influence of Airpower Upon History ebook cover
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The Information Age and Diplomacy: An Emerging Strategic Vision in World Affairs ebook cover
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Awkward Embrace: The United States and China in the 21st Century ebook cover
$46.15 $57.99
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Taiwan and the Rise of China: Cross-Strait Relations in the Twenty-first Century ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
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Impediments to the Prevention and Intervention of Genocide ebook cover
$59.85 $79.95
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Crafting Democracy: Regional Politics in Post-Communist Europe ebook cover
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Reforming U.S. Drone Strike Policies ebook cover
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The United States and China: A History from the Eighteenth Century to the Present ebook cover
$28.10 $34.99
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The Case for Peace: How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Can Be Resolved ebook cover
$11.80 $14.95
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The Information Revolution and World Politics ebook cover
$30.45 $37.99
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Social Security Policy in Hong Kong ebook cover
$74.85 $94.99
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China's Maritime Ambitions and the PLA Navy ebook cover
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The Global War for Internet Governance ebook cover
Through a Screen Darkly: Popular Culture, Public Diplomacy, and America's Image Abroad ebook cover
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Party Systems in East Central Europe ebook cover
$65.60 $82.99
Western Window in the Arab World ebook cover
Concept and Controversy: Sixty Years of Taking Ideas to Market ebook cover
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China's Foreign Political and Economic Relations: An Unconventional Global Power ebook cover
$25.40 $33.99
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Political Unification Revisited: On Building Supranational Communities ebook cover
$38.30 $47.99
Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theories and Methods ebook cover
Secessionism and Separatism in Europe and Asia: To Have a State of One's Own ebook cover
The Migration Industry and the Commercialization of International Migration ebook cover
Rethinking Foreign Policy ebook cover
Human Rights and Humanitarian Norms, Strategic Framing, and Intervention ebook cover