General International Relations Ebooks

Local Politics, Global Impacts: Steps to a Multi-disciplinary Analysis of Scales ebook cover
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Meeting China Halfway: How to Defuse the Emerging US-China Rivalry ebook cover
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Dangerous Doctrine: How Obama's Grand Strategy Weakened America ebook cover
$35.10 $40.00
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Morning in South Africa ebook cover
$21.30 $27.95
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Radical Conflict: Essays on Violence, Intractability, and Communication ebook cover
$73.75 $99.99
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The World of Protracted Conflicts ebook cover
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Oil and the Kurdish Question: How Democracies Go to War in the Era of Late Capitalism ebook cover
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Global Political Economy: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Radical Right-Wing Populist Parties in Western Europe: Into the Mainstream? ebook cover
Transformation and Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and prospects ebook cover
Evolutionary Interpretations of World Politics ebook cover
Summary of World Order: by Henry Kissinger | Includes Analysis ebook cover
Diplomatic Style and Foreign Policy: A Case Study of South Korea ebook cover
UN Emergency Peace Service and the Responsibility to Protect ebook cover
China in the Era of Xi Jinping: Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges ebook cover
Summary of Adios, America: by Ann Coulter | Includes Analysis ebook cover
Tunisia: From stability to revolution in the Maghreb ebook cover
Researching War: Feminist Methods, Ethics and Politics ebook cover
The Trilateral Commission and Global Governance: Informal Elite Diplomacy, 1972-82 ebook cover
Insincere Commitments: Human Rights Treaties, Abusive States, and Citizen Activism ebook cover
The Ethics of Interrogation: Professional Responsibility in an Age of Terror ebook cover
Power, Profit and Prestige: A History of American Imperial Expansion ebook cover
External Debt: Brazil and the International Financial Crisis ebook cover
The Greatest Sedition is Silence: Four Years in America ebook cover