General International Relations Ebooks

Security Unbound: Enacting Democratic Limits ebook cover
Sovereignty as Symbolic Form ebook cover
Britain and Ireland: From Home Rule to Independence ebook cover
Europeanization and the Southern Periphery ebook cover
Truth Recovery and Transitional Justice: Deferring human rights issues ebook cover
Handbook of US-Middle East Relations ebook cover
Israeli Identity: In Search of a Successor to the Pioneer, Tsabar and Settler ebook cover
Kosovo: the Politics of Delusion ebook cover
Jerusalem Divided: The Armistice Regime, 1947-1967 ebook cover
Jewish-Transjordanian Relations 1921-1948: Alliance of Bars Sinister ebook cover
Global Geopolitics: A Critical Introduction ebook cover
Emancipatory International Relations: Critical Thinking in International Relations ebook cover
NATO and Western Perceptions of the Soviet Bloc: Alliance Analysis and Reporting, 1951-69 ebook cover
Recent Developments in the South China Sea Dispute ebook cover
Debating the End of Yugoslavia ebook cover
$109.75 $119.95
China's New Governing Party Paradigm ebook cover
Contentious Integration: Post-Cold War Japan-China Relations in the Asia-Pacific ebook cover
Europe-Japan: Futures in Science, Technology and Democracy ebook cover
Northern Europe and the Making of the EU's Mediterranean and Middle East Policies ebook cover
Inside Cambodian Insurgency: A Sociological Perspective on Civil Wars and Conflict ebook cover
Army Diplomacy: American Military Occupation and Foreign Policy after World War II ebook cover
$46.55 $50.00
International Military Operations in the 21st Century ebook cover
European Union and Environmental Governance ebook cover