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The Local Politics of Global English: Case Studies in Linguistic Globalization ebook cover
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Postmodern Counternarratives
Irony and Audience in the Novels of Paul Auster, Don DeLillo, Charles Johnson, and Tim O'Brien
Kenntnisse: Teacher's book ebook cover
The Other Empire: British Romantic Writings about the Ottoman Empire ebook cover
Narrative Gravity: Conversation, Cognition, Culture ebook cover
The Language of Politics ebook cover
Generative Linguistics: An Historical Perspective ebook cover
Negative Contexts: Collocation, Polarity and Multiple Negation ebook cover
The Tales of The Clerk and The Wife of Bath ebook cover
Catalan: A Comprehensive Grammar ebook cover
Global Englishes and Transcultural Flows ebook cover
The Jewish White Slave Trade and the Untold Story of Raquel Liberman ebook cover
Maori ebook cover
Use of Language Across the Secondary Curriculum ebook cover
George Orwell ebook cover
Language in South Africa ebook cover
Dynamics of Language Contact: English and Immigrant Languages ebook cover
Literacy and the Politics of Writing ebook cover
Changing Language Education Through CALL ebook cover
Investigating Classroom Discourse ebook cover