General Language Arts & Disciplines Ebooks

Teaching & Researching: Computer-Assisted Language Learning ebook cover
Caesar's De Bello Gallico: A Syntactically Parsed Reader ebook cover
Modern Dutch Grammar: A Practical Guide ebook cover
Basic Portuguese: A Grammar and Workbook ebook cover
Framing the Interpreter: Towards a visual perspective ebook cover
Understanding Syntax ebook cover
Acquiring Pragmatics: Social and cognitive perspectives ebook cover
Early Years Second Language Education: International perspectives on theory and practice ebook cover
Reading in a Second Language: Cognitive and Psycholinguistic Issues ebook cover
Multimodality in the Built Environment: Spatial Discourse Analysis ebook cover
Advancing Methodology and Practice ebook cover
Multimodality, Learning and Communication: A social semiotic frame ebook cover
Teaching and Researching Writing: Third Edition ebook cover
Student learning outcomes assessment in college foreign language programs ebook cover
Teaching and Researching Listening: Third Edition ebook cover
Translation after Wittgenstein ebook cover
Error Analysis: Perspectives on Second Language Acquisition ebook cover
Input-based Phonological Acquisition ebook cover
New Word-Analysis ebook cover
Turkish ebook cover
Consonant Strength: Phonological Patterns and Phonetic Manifestations ebook cover
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Common Core Standards for Middle School English Language Arts: A Quick-Start Guide ebook cover
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Lithuanian Dictionary: Lithuanian-English, English-Lithuanian ebook cover
George Eliot's English Travels: Composite Characters and Coded Communications ebook cover