General Language Arts & Disciplines Ebooks

Critical Literacy and Urban Youth: Pedagogies of Access, Dissent, and Liberation ebook cover
Analysing 21st Century British English ebook cover
Complex Words in English ebook cover
Teaching Grammar, Structure and Meaning ebook cover
A Corpus of Formal British English Speech: The Lancaster/IBM Spoken English Corpus ebook cover
On the Semantics of Syntax: Mood and Condition in English ebook cover
Word Maps: A Dialect Atlas of England ebook cover
A History of English Phonology ebook cover
The Rhythms of English Poetry ebook cover
Language and Characterisation: People in Plays and Other Texts ebook cover
Pronouns and Word Order in Old English ebook cover
Tense in English: Its Structure and Use in Discourse ebook cover
A Comparative Typology of English and German: Unifying the Contrasts ebook cover
The Phrase Phonology of English and French ebook cover
Intensive Intermediate Latin: A Grammar and Workbook ebook cover
Corpus-Based Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese ebook cover
History of English ebook cover
Urban Schools and English Language Education in Late Modern China ebook cover
English as a Second Language in the Mainstream: Teaching, Learning and Identity ebook cover
Grammatical Gender in English: 950 to 1250 ebook cover
The Structure of English Clauses ebook cover
English Infinitive, The ebook cover
An Introduction to Modern English Word-Formation ebook cover
Varieties of Modern English: An Introduction ebook cover