General Language Arts & Disciplines Ebooks

Existential Faithfullness ebook cover
Evaluation and Translation: Special Issue of "The Translator" ebook cover
Linguistics for Clinicians: A Practical Introduction ebook cover
Syntactic Theory: A Unified Approach ebook cover
A Handbook for Translator Trainers ebook cover
The Common Core Grammar Toolkit ebook cover
Multimodal Epistemologies: Towards an Integrated Framework ebook cover
Spoken and Written Discourse in Online Interactions: A Multimodal Approach ebook cover
Chinese Discourses on Translation: Positions and Perspectives ebook cover
Colloquial German 2 (eBook And MP3 Pack): The Next Step in Language Learning ebook cover
Simplified Grammer of the Serbian Language ebook cover
Language Habits In Human Affairs ebook cover
Finnish Grammar ebook cover
Mind Your P's and Q's - A Useful and Entertaining Book Which Puts Graphology Entirely in the Hands of the Layman and Enables Him to Analyze Any Handwr ebook cover
Applied Graphology - A Textbook on Character Analysis From Handwriting - For the Practical Use of the Expert, the Student, and the Layman Arranged in ebook cover
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Transformations: Stories to Tell in the Classroom ebook cover
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The Dravidian Languages ebook cover
The Uralic Languages ebook cover
The Munda Languages ebook cover
The Turkic Languages ebook cover
French: From Dialect to Standard ebook cover
Slang To-Day and Yesterday ebook cover
Key Debates in the Translation of Advertising Material ebook cover
Drama Education and Second Language Learning ebook cover