General Language Arts & Disciplines Ebooks

Syntax ebook cover
Evaluation in Translation: Critical points of translator decision-making ebook cover
The Translator's Invisibility: A History of Translation ebook cover
Language Change ebook cover
Just A Phrase I'm Going Through: My Life in Language ebook cover
Words and Their Meaning ebook cover
Sledmere Stories - Book 1: The Birthday Party; Ali and Sam Help Out; Well Spotted! ebook cover
Translation and Language ebook cover
Cultural Dissemination and Translational Communities ebook cover
An Anthology of Chinese Discourse on Translation (Version 1) ebook cover
Teaching and Language Corpora ebook cover
Coordinating Information and Communications Technology Across the Primary School ebook cover
Managing Evaluation and Innovation in Language Teaching: Building Bridges ebook cover
Vocabulary and Language Teaching ebook cover
Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar ebook cover
Theoretical Comparative Syntax: Studies in Macroparameters ebook cover
The Language of Science ebook cover
English and Englishness ebook cover
English Teaching in the Secondary School 2/e: Linking Theory and Practice ebook cover
Literary Translation: Quest for Artistic Integrity ebook cover
Mind The Gap: Ellipsis and Stylistic Variation in Spoken and Written English ebook cover
The English Verb ebook cover
Childly Language: Children, language and the social world ebook cover
A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry ebook cover