General Language Arts & Disciplines Ebooks

Interpreting and Translating in Public Service Settings ebook cover
The Bilingual Text: History and Theory of Literary Self-Translation ebook cover
Communication Strategies: Psycholinguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives ebook cover
Stylistic Approaches to Translation ebook cover
Translating Institutions: An Ethnographic Study of EU Translation ebook cover
Ethics and the Curriculum: Critical perspectives ebook cover
Translation and the Manipulation of Difference ebook cover
Knowledge Machines: Language and Information in a Technological Society ebook cover
Reading in a Second Language: Process, Product and Practice ebook cover
Academic Discourse ebook cover
Causatives and Causation: A Universal -typological perspective ebook cover
Linguistic History of Italian, A ebook cover
Basic Japanese: A Grammar and Workbook ebook cover
Discourse and Social Life ebook cover
Sociolinguistics and Social Theory ebook cover
Writing: Texts, Processes and Practices ebook cover
Autonomy and Independence in Language Learning ebook cover
Interpreting As Interaction ebook cover
The Poetics of Science Fiction ebook cover
Strategies in Learning and Using a Second Language ebook cover
Turkish: An Essential Grammar ebook cover
Mediated Discourse as Social Interaction: A Study of News Discourse ebook cover
Experiential Learning in Foreign Language Education ebook cover
Writing Business: Genres, Media and Discourses ebook cover