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A Linguistic Guide to English Poetry ebook cover
A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: Core Vocabulary for Learners ebook cover
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McGraw-Hill's IELTS ebook cover
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Innovation and change in English language education ebook cover
Words: A User's Guide ebook cover
The English Language: Structure and Development ebook cover
Applying English Grammar.: Corpus and Functional Approaches ebook cover
Watching English Change ebook cover
Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English: based on the British National Corpus ebook cover
500 Common Chinese Proverbs and Colloquial Expressions: An Annotated Frequency Dictionary ebook cover
How Texts Work ebook cover
Promising Practices for Teachers to Engage Familiesof English Language Learners. Family-School-Community Partnership Series. ebook cover
Adverbs and Modality in English ebook cover
Real English: The Grammar of English Dialects in the British Isles ebook cover
Bridges and Barriers: Language in African Education and Development ebook cover
English Word-Stress ebook cover
The History of Early English: An activity-based approach ebook cover
The Cultural Politics of English as an International Language ebook cover
Phonology in English Language Teaching: An International Approach ebook cover
Variation in English: Multi-Dimensional Studies ebook cover
Grammar and Meaning: A Semantic Approach to English Grammar ebook cover
English Historical Syntax ebook cover
The New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English ebook cover
$317.95 $335.00
Word and Meaning in Ancient Alexandria: Theories of Language from Philo to Plotinus ebook cover