General Language Arts & Disciplines Ebooks

Quantitative Approaches to the Russian Language ebook cover
Catalan: An Essential Grammar ebook cover
Translation: The Basics ebook cover
Posthumanist Applied Linguistics ebook cover
Current Research in Puerto Rican Linguistics ebook cover
Interpreting and the Politics of Recognition: The IATIS Yearbook ebook cover
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Maverick: The American Name That Became a Legend ebook cover
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Language and Social Change in China: Undoing Commonness through Cosmopolitan Mandarin ebook cover
Corpus Triangulation: Combining Data and Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies ebook cover
Living Languages and New Approaches to Language Revitalisation Research ebook cover
The Materiality of Writing: A Trace Making Perspective ebook cover
The Discourse of Physics: Building Knowledge through Language, Mathematics and Image ebook cover
A Study of Sino-Korean Phonology: Its Origin, Adaptation and Layers ebook cover
Discourses of Denial: The Rhetoric of American Academic Labor ebook cover
Standardizing Minority Languages (Open Access) ebook cover
HW0288 Engineering Communication II: Student's Course Guide ebook cover
The Language of Persuasion in Politics: An Introduction ebook cover
Spanish Culture and Society: The Essential Glossary ebook cover
Pidgins and Creoles ebook cover
Problems in Second Language Acquisition ebook cover
Idioms: Description, Comprehension, Acquisition, and Pedagogy ebook cover
Language Learning: A Lifelong Process ebook cover
The Role of Formal Features in Second Language Acquisition ebook cover
Colloquial Russian: The Complete Course For Beginners ebook cover