General Law Ebooks

Race Matters: An International Legal Analysis of Race Discrimination ebook cover
Creating New States: Theory and Practice of Secession ebook cover
Distributive and Procedural Justice: Research and Social Applications ebook cover
Architectures of Justice: Legal Theory and the Idea of Institutional Design ebook cover
Patenting Lives: Life Patents, Culture and Development ebook cover
Criminal Liability for Non-Aggressive Death ebook cover
Human Rights in the Market Place ebook cover
Images in Law ebook cover
Conceiving Life: Reproductive Politics and the Law in Contemporary Italy ebook cover
Decisions to Imprison: Court Decision-Making Inside and Outside the Law ebook cover
Children's Rights and the Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility: A Global Perspective ebook cover
Judicial Accountabilities in New Europe: From Rule of Law to Quality of Justice ebook cover
Australian Principles of Property Law ebook cover
Judicial Review & the Human Rights Act ebook cover
The Path of the Law ebook cover
The Possibility of Popular Justice ebook cover
Legal Modernism ebook cover
Modern Land Law 7/E ebook cover
Codification, Macaulay and the Indian Penal Code ebook cover
Fundamental Rights and Tort Law in Europe ebook cover
Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region ebook cover
Self-Defence in International and Criminal Law: The Doctrine of Imminence ebook cover
Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Rights and the Law ebook cover
Self-Determination in the Post-9/11 Era ebook cover