General Law Ebooks

The Art of Post-Dictatorship: Ethics and Aesthetics in Transitional Argentina ebook cover
Institutional Structure of Financial Regulation: Theories and International Experiences ebook cover
Bruno Latour: The Normativity of Networks ebook cover
Corporate Accountability in the Context of Transitional Justice ebook cover
Refugee Protection and the Role of Law: Conflicting Identities ebook cover
Causation in Insurance Contract Law ebook cover
Following the Proceeds of Environmental Crime: Fish, Forests and Filthy Lucre ebook cover
Justice for Victims before the International Criminal Court ebook cover
Land, Memory, Reconstruction, and Justice: Perspectives on Land Claims in South Africa ebook cover
Development, Human Rights and the Rule of Law ebook cover
Psychological Testing in Child Custody Evaluations ebook cover
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The Tax-adjusted Q Model with Intangible Assets ebook cover
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Child Protective Services ebook cover
The European Union and Direct Taxation: A Solution for a Difficult Relationship ebook cover
Law and Enjoyment: Power, Pleasure and Psychoanalysis ebook cover
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Stand Your Ground: TO KILL, OR NOT TO KILL The Legal Limits of Safety ebook cover
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Argument of John Quincy Adams Before the Supreme Court of the United States ebook cover
Human Rights Between Ideality and Reality - A Brief Discussion ebook cover
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The Kurdish Conflict: International Humanitarian Law and Post-Conflict Mechanisms ebook cover
The Missing Three ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
Multilingual Law: A Framework for Analysis and Understanding ebook cover
Ethics and Professionalism in Healthcare: Transition and Challenges ebook cover
Popular Culture and Legal Pluralism: Narrative as Law ebook cover
Changing God's Law: The dynamics of Middle Eastern family law ebook cover