General Law Ebooks

Trauma and Juvenile Delinquency: Theory, Research, and Interventions ebook cover
Transcendental Meditation® in Criminal Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention ebook cover
Intellectual Property Asset Management ebook cover
Unlocking Contract Law ebook cover
Criminal Law ebook cover
Justice and Security Reform ebook cover
A Therapist's Guide to Growing Free: A Manual for Survivors of Domestic Violence ebook cover
Instructions, Verdicts, and Judicial Behavior ebook cover
Legalized Casino Gaming in the United States: The Economic and Social Impact ebook cover
Optimize Equity and Trusts ebook cover
Optimize Contract Law ebook cover
The United Nations and Collective Security ebook cover
International Trade Law Statutes and Conventions 2013-2015 ebook cover
Creciendo Libre: Manual para Sobrevivientes de la Violencia Doméstica ebook cover
Forensic Social Work: Legal Aspects of Professional Practice, Second Edition ebook cover
Postmodern Legal Feminism ebook cover
The Impact of Scientific Evidence on the Criminal Trial: The Case of DNA Evidence ebook cover
Optimize Public Law ebook cover
Networks of Power in Digital Copyright Law and Policy ebook cover
Beginning Human Rights Law ebook cover
Optimize European Union Law ebook cover
Culture, Peers, and Delinquency ebook cover
Family Empowerment Intervention ebook cover
Hidden Addictions: A Pastoral Response to the Abuse of Legal Drugs ebook cover