General Law Ebooks

The Law and the Dead ebook cover
Human Rights and Development in International Law ebook cover
The Insider's Guide to Legal Skills ebook cover
Immigration Charity E-book ebook cover
The New Legal Realism ebook cover
Christianity and Freedom ebook cover
The Case for Meritocracy ebook cover
$4.51 $4.99
Autonomy and Pregnancy: A Comparative Analysis of Compelled Obstetric Intervention ebook cover
A Genealogy of Public Security: The Theory and History of Modern Police Powers ebook cover
European Agencies and Risk Governance in EU Financial Market Law ebook cover
Tax Attorney: The Ultimate Tax Relief Guide ebook cover
$4.30 $4.99
Self-Constitution of European Society: Beyond EU politics, law and governance ebook cover
Contributions to Law, Philosophy and Ecology: Exploring Re-Embodiments ebook cover
Reinterpreting Criminal Complicity and Inchoate Participation Offences ebook cover
The New Legal Realism ebook cover
Transitional Justice in Latin America ebook cover
Legal Aspects of Privatisation: A Comparative Study of European Implementations ebook cover
Mental Health and Crime ebook cover
Events: The Force of International Law ebook cover
Freight Transport and the Environment ebook cover
Intersectionality and Beyond: Law, Power and the Politics of Location ebook cover
European Union: The Basics ebook cover
Rhetoric in Cicero's Pro Balbo ebook cover
Sourcebook on Feminist Jurisprudence ebook cover