General Literary Criticism Ebooks

Women Writing Latin: Medieval Modern Women Writing Latin ebook cover
Commentary on Shakespeare's Richard III ebook cover
The Sea Voyage Narrative ebook cover
Illuminating the Border of French and Flemish Manuscripts, 1270-1310 ebook cover
Regional Cuisines of Medieval Europe: A Book of Essays ebook cover
Chaucer's Cultural Geography ebook cover
Making of the Victorian Novelist: Anxieties of Authorship in the Mass Market ebook cover
Secret Agents: The Rosenberg Case, McCarthyism and Fifties America ebook cover
Edith Wharton's Evolutionary Conception: Darwinian Allegory in the Major Novels ebook cover
She, this in Blak: Vision, Truth, and Will in Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Ciseyde ebook cover
Reading in Detail: Aesthetics and the Feminine ebook cover
The Black Imagination, Science Fiction and the Speculative ebook cover
The Difficulties of Modernism ebook cover
King Arthur: A Casebook ebook cover
Influential Ghosts: A Study of Auden's Sources ebook cover
Kenneth Burke on Myth: An Introduction ebook cover
Myth, Symbol, and Meaning in Mary Poppins ebook cover
The Literary Freud ebook cover
Bombay--London--New York ebook cover
Inventing the Child ebook cover
Transculturing Auto/Biography: Forms of Life Writing ebook cover
The 'Evil Child' in Literature, Film and Popular Culture ebook cover
Doctrine and Difference: Essays in the Literature of New England ebook cover
Queer Times: Christopher Isherwood's Modernity ebook cover