General Literary Criticism Ebooks

Comedy of Errors ebook cover
Keats's Boyish Imagination ebook cover
The Rise of Corporate Publishing and Its Effects on Authorship in Early Twentieth Century America ebook cover
Medieval Family Roles: A Book of Essays ebook cover
Shakespeare's Webs: Networks of Meaning in Renaissance Drama ebook cover
Perceval/Parzival: A Casebook ebook cover
Henry Miller and Religion ebook cover
The Life Writing of Otherness: Woolf, Baldwin, Kingston, and Winterson ebook cover
Postcolonial Readings of Music in World Literature ebook cover
Medieval Christian Perceptions of Islam: A Book of Essays ebook cover
Dark Horizons: Science Fiction and the Dystopian Imagination ebook cover
The Authentic Shakespeare: and Other Problems of the Early Modern Stage ebook cover
Literature and the Internet: A Guide for Students, Teachers, and Scholars ebook cover
Russian Literature and the Classics ebook cover
The Venetian Origins of the Commedia dell'Arte ebook cover
Travel and Ethics: Theory and Practice ebook cover
Thoughts Painfully Intense: Hawthorne and the Invalid Author ebook cover
The Self Wired: Technology and Subjectivity in Contemporary Narrative ebook cover
Border Modernism ebook cover
Allegories of Violence: Tracing the Writings of War in Late Twentieth-Century Fiction ebook cover
The Effects of Duration and Sonority on Countour Tone Distribution ebook cover
Lost City: Fitzgerald's New York ebook cover
Prose by Victorian Women: An Anthology ebook cover
Christian, Saracen and Genre in Medieval French Literature ebook cover