General Mathematics Ebooks

An Introduction to Measure-Theoretic Probability ebook cover
Platonism, Naturalism, and Mathematical Knowledge ebook cover
Particulate Morphology: Mathematics Applied to Particle Assemblies ebook cover
Teachers Engaged in Research: Inquiry in Mathematics Classrooms, Grades 3-5 ebook cover
Quantum Computing for Computer Architects: Second Edition ebook cover
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Major Revision Facts in Mathematics ebook cover
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A Mathematician's Apology ebook cover
Alan Turing: His Work and Impact ebook cover
Effective Dynamics of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations ebook cover
Mathematical Analysis Fundamentals ebook cover
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Mathematics Teaching Practice: Guide for University and College Lecturers ebook cover
Advanced Econometric Theory ebook cover
Linguistic and Cultural Influences on Learning Mathematics ebook cover
Handbook of Linear Algebra, Second Edition ebook cover
Theory of Approximate Functional Equations ebook cover
Environmental Data Analysis with MatLab ebook cover
The Financial Mathematics of Market Liquidity: From Optimal Execution to Market Making ebook cover
The Once and Future Turing ebook cover
Functional and Impulsive Differential Equations of Fractional Order ebook cover
American-Type Options: Stochastic Approximation Methods, Volume 2 ebook cover
Mathematics for the Physical Sciences ebook cover
FLATLAND - A Romance of Many Dimensions (The Distinguished Chiron Edition) ebook cover
The Principia : Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy ebook cover
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Hausdorff Gaps and Limits ebook cover