General Mathematics Ebooks

Speed, Data, and Ecosystems: Excelling in a Software-Driven World ebook cover
Quantitative Trading: Algorithms, Analytics, Data, Models, Optimization ebook cover
Essentials of Computer Architecture, Second Edition ebook cover
Creativity in Computing and DataFlow SuperComputing ebook cover
New Approaches of Protein Function Prediction from Protein Interaction Networks ebook cover
The Partition Method for a Power Series Expansion: Theory and Applications ebook cover
Matrix Inequalities for Iterative Systems ebook cover
Communication and Computing Systems ebook cover
$284.90 $299.95
Functional and Impulsive Differential Equations of Fractional Order ebook cover
Fuzzy Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications ebook cover
$1,706.95 $1,800.00
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Texting the Almighty: A Modern Conversation with God ebook cover
$8.10 $9.99
Software Adaptation in an Open Environment: A Software Architecture Perspective ebook cover
Transcendental Curves in the Leibnizian Calculus ebook cover
$142.00 $150.00
An Introduction to Excel VBA Programming: with Applications in Finance and Insurance ebook cover
The Craft of Model-Based Testing ebook cover
Processing: An Introduction to Programming ebook cover
Calculus Made Easy ebook cover
Stochastic Communities: A Mathematical Theory of Biodiversity ebook cover
Mobile Cloud Computing: Models, Implementation, and Security ebook cover
Artificial Intelligence with Uncertainty, Second Edition ebook cover
Introduction to Financial Models for Management and Planning, Second Edition ebook cover
Understanding Emotions in Mathematical Thinking and Learning ebook cover
Mathematics Applied to Engineering ebook cover
Introduction to Middleware: Web Services, Object Components, and Cloud Computing ebook cover