General Men's Studies Ebooks

Shaping the Superman: Fascist Body as Political Icon - Aryan Fascism ebook cover
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The Best Kept Secret: Single Black Fathers ebook cover
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Ultimate Fighting and Embodiment ebook cover
Fatherhood: Research, Interventions, and Policies ebook cover
Affectionate Authorities: Fathers and Fatherly Roles in Late Medieval Basel ebook cover
Masculine Virtue in Early Modern Spain ebook cover
Reconstructing Adult Masculinities: Part-time Work in Contemporary Japan ebook cover
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Manhood on the Line: Working-Class Masculinities in the American Heartland ebook cover
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Plural Masculinities: The Remaking of the Self in Private Life ebook cover
Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others ebook cover
Searching for the New Black Man: Black Masculinity and Women's Bodies ebook cover
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Post-World War II Masculinities in British and American Literature and Culture ebook cover
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Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment ebook cover
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Fatherhood, Authority, and British Reading Culture, 1831-1907 ebook cover
Thinking Men: Masculinity and its Self-Representation in the Classical Tradition ebook cover
International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities ebook cover
The Link between Masculinity, Alcohol and HIV/Aids in Malawi ebook cover
$16.80 $19.00
Defoe's Writings and Manliness: Contrary Men ebook cover
Men's Changing Roles in the Family ebook cover
Men in a Developing Society: Geographic and Social Mobility in Monterrey, Mexico ebook cover
Masculinities and Place ebook cover
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History of Men's Fashion: What the Well-Dressed Man Is Wearing ebook cover
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Our Androcentric Culture, or the Man-Made World ebook cover
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Media Sport Stars: Masculinities and Moralities ebook cover