General Middle East Ebooks

The Walled Arab City in Literature, Architecture and History ebook cover
The Great Powers in the Middle East 1941-1947: The Road to the Cold War ebook cover
The Ethics of Representation in Literature, Art, and Journalism ebook cover
Recasting Iranian Modernity: International Relations and Social Change ebook cover
The Arab-Israeli Conflict ebook cover
The History of the Jews in Antiquity ebook cover
Israel: the First Hundred Years: Volume II: From War to Peace? ebook cover
Syria 1945-1986 (RLE Syria): Politics and Society ebook cover
Syria Under Assad (RLE Syria): Domestic Constraints and Regional Risks ebook cover
CHEEGHA - The Call from Waziristan, the last outpost ebook cover
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Kurdish Awakening: Nation Building in a Fragmented Homeland ebook cover
The Struggle for Peace: Israelis and Palestinians ebook cover
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The Last Crusades : (Abdullah of Arabia) ebook cover
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The Secret Anglo-French War in the Middle East ebook cover
Islam Encountering Globalisation ebook cover
The Palestinian Entity 1959-1974: Arab Politics and the PLO ebook cover
Population Dilemmas in the Middle East ebook cover
Technology, Tradition and Survival ebook cover
Economic Policy in Iraq, 1932-1950 ebook cover
Curzon and British Imperialism in the Middle East, 1916-1919 ebook cover
The Grand Mufti: Haj Amin al-Hussaini, Founder of the Palestinian National Movement ebook cover
The First Kuwait Oil Concession: A Record of Negotiations, 1911-1934 ebook cover
British Policy Towards the Ottoman Empire 1908-1914 ebook cover
The Origin of Islam in Its Christian Environment ebook cover