General Middle East Ebooks

Founding Gods, Inventing Nations: Conquest and Culture Myths from Antiquity to Islam ebook cover
Muslims ebook cover
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Mountain against the Sea: Essays on Palestinian Society and Culture ebook cover
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The Battle for Saudi Arabia: Royalty, Fundamentalism, and Global Power ebook cover
Managing Egypt's Poor and the Politics of Benevolence, 1800-1952 ebook cover
Women and Power in the Middle East ebook cover
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War, Institutions, and Social Change in the Middle East ebook cover
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The Formation of Islam: Religion and Society in the Near East, 600 1800 ebook cover
Bin Laden, Islam, & America's New War on Terrorism ebook cover
Love & War in Afghanistan ebook cover
Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence ebook cover
Arab Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: From Triumph to Despair ebook cover
A History of Modern Iran ebook cover
The Economic Consequences of the Gulf War ebook cover
Iraqi Kurdistan: Political Development and Emergent Democracy ebook cover
Kurdish Nationalism and Political Islam in Turkey: Kemalist Identity in Transition ebook cover
Live From Jordan: Letters Home From My Journey Through the Middle East ebook cover
The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State ebook cover
Mahdis and Millenarians ebook cover
Regional Security in the Middle East: A Critical Perspective ebook cover
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New Dawn ebook cover
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Archaeology Under Fire ebook cover
Taken Hostage: The Iran Hostage Crisis and America's First Encounter with Radical Islam ebook cover
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Palestinian Politics after the Oslo Accords: Resuming Arab Palestine ebook cover
$28.25 $34.95