General Middle East Ebooks

The Making of the Arab Intellectual ebook cover
Role Of The Military In Politics ebook cover
Democracy and Arab Political Culture ebook cover
From Rabin to Netanyahu: Israel's Troubled Agenda ebook cover
The Kurdish Question and Turkey: An Example of a Trans-state Ethnic Conflict ebook cover
Futile Diplomacy Vol 2 ebook cover
Bedouin Tribes of the Euphrates ebook cover
Strategic Air Power in Desert Storm ebook cover
The Gentile Zionists: A Study in Anglo-Zionist Diplomacy 1929-1939 ebook cover
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations, 1999-2001: Within Reach ebook cover
Security and Territoriality in the Persian Gulf: A Maritime Political Geography ebook cover
The Eastern Libyans (1914) ebook cover
The Kingdom of Armenia: New Edition ebook cover
Anwar Sadat: Visionary Who Dared ebook cover
The Walled Arab City in Literature, Architecture and History ebook cover
The Great Powers in the Middle East 1941-1947: The Road to the Cold War ebook cover
The Ethics of Representation in Literature, Art, and Journalism ebook cover
Recasting Iranian Modernity: International Relations and Social Change ebook cover
The Arab-Israeli Conflict ebook cover
The History of the Jews in Antiquity ebook cover
Israel: the First Hundred Years: Volume II: From War to Peace? ebook cover
Syria 1945-1986 (RLE Syria): Politics and Society ebook cover
Syria Under Assad (RLE Syria): Domestic Constraints and Regional Risks ebook cover
Kurdish Awakening: Nation Building in a Fragmented Homeland ebook cover