General Military Ebooks

Security and Development: Investing in Peace and Prosperity ebook cover
German Capital Ships and Raiders in World War II ebook cover
The Network Society ebook cover
Action Directe: Ultra Left Terrorism in France 1979-1987 ebook cover
France and the Algerian War, 1954-1962: Strategy, Operations and Diplomacy ebook cover
Army of Charles II ebook cover
War and Independence In Spanish America ebook cover
Israeli-Soviet Relations, 1953-1967: From Confrontation to Disruption ebook cover
American War Plans 1945-1950 ebook cover
Against the Odds: Free Blacks in the Slave Societies of the Americas ebook cover
The Nazi Party in Dissolution: Hitler and the Verbotzeit 1923-25 ebook cover
Forced Migration in Central and Eastern Europe, 1939-1950 ebook cover
The Ultimate Spectacle: A Visual History of the Crimean War ebook cover
China's African Challenges ebook cover
Problematics of Military Power: Government, Discipline and the Subject of Violence ebook cover
Deterrence and the New Global Security Environment ebook cover
Homeland Security and Criminal Justice: Five Years After 9/11 ebook cover
Human Resource Management in the British Armed Forces: Investing in the Future ebook cover
Feminism, Identity and Difference ebook cover
Terrorism and the Politics of Naming ebook cover
Civil-Military Relations in Post-Communist Europe: Reviewing the Transition ebook cover
Assessing the Capitalist Peace ebook cover
The Security Context in the Black Sea Region ebook cover
The Russian Military into the 21st Century ebook cover