General Military Ebooks

Britain, America and Anti-Communist Propaganda 1945-53 ebook cover
Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC ebook cover
Military Strategy as Public Discourse: America's war in Afghanistan ebook cover
The Arms Race in Asia: Trends, causes and implications ebook cover
Russia at a Crossroads: History, Memory and Political Practice ebook cover
Encyclopedia of Warfare: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day ebook cover
Transatlantic Relations and Modern Diplomacy: An interdisciplinary examination ebook cover
Maritime Strategy and Continental Wars ebook cover
Everyday Forms of Peasant Res Cb: Everyday Forms Res Asia ebook cover
The Wars of Louis XIV 1667-1714 ebook cover
The Philosophy of War Films ebook cover
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Pax Britannica: British Counterinsurgency In Northern Ireland, 1969-1982 ebook cover
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October 1973 The Arab Israeli War ebook cover
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The Southern Flank of NATO, 1951-1959: Military Strategy or Political Stabilization ebook cover
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King's Men: The Soldier Founders of Ontario ebook cover
$9.20 $10.99
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Hell and High Water ebook cover
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Operation Friction 1990-1991: The Canadian Forces in the Persian Gulf ebook cover
$6.80 $7.99
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Solving the People Puzzle: Cultural Intelligence and Special Operations Forces ebook cover
$7.60 $8.99
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No Lack of Courage: Operation Medusa, Afghanistan ebook cover
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Western Warfare, 1775-1882 ebook cover
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Greece, Macedon and Persia ebook cover
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Zulu Victory: The Epic of Isandlwana and the cover-up ebook cover
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Assessing War: The Challenge of Measuring Success and Failure ebook cover
Reporting the First World War ebook cover