General Military Ebooks

Territory and Terror: Conflicting Nationalisms in the Basque Country ebook cover
Understanding Victory and Defeat in Contemporary War ebook cover
Military Cooperation in Multinational Peace Operations ebook cover
Globalization and WMD Proliferation ebook cover
Lyndon B. Johnson and the Politics of Arms Sales to Israel: In the Shadow of the Hawk ebook cover
The Transformation of Europe's Armed Forces ebook cover
Establishing a Legacy: The History of the Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1953 ebook cover
$9.20 $10.99
The Insubordinate and the Noncompliant ebook cover
$10.00 $11.99
Benjamin for Architects ebook cover
Global Politics and the Responsibility to Protect: From Words to Deeds ebook cover
Storytelling and Imagination: Beyond Basic Literacy 8-14 ebook cover
Surveillance and Control in Israel/Palestine: Population, Territory and Power ebook cover
Terrorism, Identity and Legitimacy: The Four Waves theory and political violence ebook cover
Guidebook to the Historic Sites of the War of 1812: 2nd Edition, Revised and Updated ebook cover
$19.10 $24.99
The Navy of the Nuclear Age, 1947-2007 ebook cover
Global Cold War Literature: Western, Eastern and Postcolonial Perspectives ebook cover
Warfare in Woods and Forests ebook cover
$8.00 $9.99
Troepie: From Call-Up to Camps ebook cover
Milicianas: Women in Combat in the Spanish Civil War ebook cover
$32.85 $40.50