General Military Ebooks

War and Society Volume 2: A Yearbook of Military History ebook cover
War and Society Volume 1: A Yearbook of Military History ebook cover
The Evolution of Modern Land Warfare: Theory and Practice ebook cover
The Plans of War: The General Staff and British Military Strategy c. 1900-1916 ebook cover
A Guide to the Sources of British Military History ebook cover
The Fortress in the Age of Vauban and Frederick the Great 1660-1789 ebook cover
An Imperfect Occupation: Enduring the South African War ebook cover
$7.55 $9.95
The Great Siege of Malta ebook cover
$13.55 $14.99
Bonaparte ebook cover
The History of the Green Howards ebook cover
$17.25 $22.50
The Prussian Terror ebook cover
The African Colony ebook cover
The 1956 Suez War and the New World Order in the Middle East: Exodus in Reverse ebook cover
$73.40 $99.50
Bacteria and Bayonets: The Impact of Disease in American Military History ebook cover
Historical Dictionary of the Chechen Conflict ebook cover
$79.30 $99.50
The Last Great Safari: East Africa in World War I ebook cover
$64.45 $80.50
Marching to the Drums ebook cover
The Blood Tub: General Gough and the Battle of Bullecourt 1917 ebook cover
War Wisdom: A Cross-Cultural Sampling ebook cover
$48.05 $64.50
Stahlhelm: Evolution of the German Steel Helmet, Revised and Expanded ebook cover
$13.15 $16.99
The Handy Military History Answer Book ebook cover
$15.65 $18.99
New Men ebook cover
The Purpose of the First World War: War Aims and Military Strategies ebook cover
The Cavalier Army: Its Organisation and Everyday Life ebook cover